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Accredited by the National Board of Accreditation (NBA) in 2018, the Department is known for excellence in Academics and Research in the fields of Design & Manufacturing Engineering, Material Sciences & Thermal Management, Renewable Energy, Metallurgy and Mechatronics. The Department trains students to develop technical skills, innovate products, file patents and acquire leadership qualities for successful careers in product design, research and entrepreneurship. The curriculum of Mechanical Engineering has been enriched by incorporating the latest technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Analytics, Robotics and Automation. In addition, the students are trained in the latest phase of Industrial Revolution focusing on interconnectivity, automation and capturing real-time data (Industry 4.0).


  • The B.Tech Mechanical is offered in collaboration with an industry (AMZ Automotive). The collaborative environment at the department stimulates faculty, staff, and students to reach their highest potential in academic knowledge. The well-equipped laboratory facilities, placement records in core and IT companies and research activities in emerging areas indicate the strengths of the department. Research scholars from India and abroad are pursuing research and development in thrust areas of Thermal sciences, Manufacturing, CAD\CAM, and Engineering Design.
    To meet the existing demands of today's industry, the syllabus is continuously updated for incorporating recent advances in the chosen areas of specialization.
    The Department imparts high quality education through highly motivated and qualified faculty graduated from IISC, IITs, NITs, and leading international Universities.

Career Prospects

  • Mechanical engineering graduate have opportunities in many industries including Aerospace, Automotive, Biomedical, Chemical, Computers, Electronics, Fossil and Nuclear Power, Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals, Robotics and Textiles.
    In areas of Research & Development, Design, Testing and Evaluation, Manufacturing, Operation and Maintenance, Marketing, Sales and Administration.
    In Public Sector Units like Railways, ONGC, Indian Oil, ISRO, SAIL, NTPC, DRDO and IAF.
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B.Tech. (Mechanical Engineering) – 2015 batch
B.Tech. (Mechanical Engineering) – 2014 batch

In this course students will be exposed to experimental learning in advanced technology areas which includes Advanced Manufacturing Process, Mechatronics and Machine Control, Microcontrollers, Manufacturing system and simulation, Control of CNC Machine tools, Engineering Materials and Applications, Computer Integrated Manufacturing, Industrial Robotics etc., through appropriate theoretical background, laboratory demonstrations, hands on participation in live. Industry focused R&D projects. During the final semester, students will be doing their project work as part of their curriculum at CMTI, Banglore which has embarked on advanced technology areas such as Nano Manufacturing, Applied Mechatronics Integration, Digital Design, Advanced Machine Tool Testing facility etc., with highly sophisticated facilities established in thrust areas of advanced manufacturing. The students are encouraged to publish their work in journals of repute and in conferences.

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  • Department of Mechanical Engineering offers both full time and part time Ph.D programmes in all major areas of mechanical engineering. Ph.D Research activities are carried out in the thrust areas of bio fuels, bio mass energy, composites and laminates, computational fluid dynamics, desalination, heat pipes, mini and micro-channel heat transfer using nano fluids, flow boiling and pool boiling heat transfer in nano fluids, industrial ergonomics, material science and metallurgy, minimal quantity lubrication, propulsion, robotics, vibration and acoustics. .
  • The department has eminent faculty from IISC, IITs, NITs, and leading international universities to guide the research scholars and has excellent research facilities for conducting research in thermal sciences, machine vibration and computer aided design, manufacturing and analysis. In addition to generous funding for research by the university, the school also receives external grants from BARC, DST and other prestigious agencies. .
  • The faculty regularly publishes their research work in peer reviewed international journal and conferences. The department frequently conducts national level and international level conferences/seminars to enhance academic and research interaction among researchers. .

 PhD Awarded

S No Name of the Scholar Supervisor Title of the Research work/ Thesis
1 Dr. S. Antony Raja (06ZB001) Dr. D.S.Robinson Smart Parametric studies on pyrolysis of jatropha oil cake in a fludised bed reactor.
2 Dr. K. Leo Dev Wins (06ZB003) Dr.A.S.Varadarajan Investigation on surface milling of hardened AISI4340 steel with minimalfluid application suing a high velocity pulsed jet of cutting fluid.
3 Dr. P. Sam Paul (08ZB003) Dr.A.S.Varadarajan Investigations on cutting perfomance prediction during turning of harrdend AISI4340 steel with minimal fluid application using multi coted carbide inserts.
4 Dr.Robinson Gnanadurai (08ZB002) Dr.A.S.Varadarajan Investigations on performance enhancers for turning of hardened AISI 4340 steel with minimal fluid application using multicoated carbide inserts.
5 Dr. A. Brusly Solomon (09ZB007) Dr. B.C. Pillai Studies on heat pipes using nano fluids and coated surfaces.
6 Dr. R. Hemanth (RP12ME003) Dr. M. Sekar Processing and study of thermal, mechanical and tribological behaviour of particulate filled polymer composites.
7 Mr. David Raja Selvam (09ZB008) Dr. Robinson Smart. D.S Study of weldability and Metallurgical characterization of fly ash reinforced AA6061 alloy.
8 Mr. S. Peniel Pauldoss (RP10ME002) Prof. T. Michael N. Kumar Experimental investigations of a diesel engine driven by ethanol-diesel emulsions.
9 Mr. G. Ganesan (09ZB001) Dr. M. Sekar Kinematics.
10 Mr. Babu .R (09ZB011) Dr. Robinson Smart. D.S Experimental Investigations on the use of parallel manipulator for chest compressions during cardio pulmonary resuscittion procedure.
11 Mr. Gadudasu Babu Rao (09ZB001) Dr. S. Darius Gnanaraj Experimental Investigations on the use of parallel manipulator for chest compressions during cardio pulmonary resuscittion procedure.
12 Mr. Nizar Ahammed K M (RR13ME004) Dr. L. Godson Asirvatham Thermoelectric Cooling of Electronic Devices with Nanofluid in Minichannel Heat Exchanger.
13 Mr. Trijo Tharayil (RR14ME002) Dr. L. Godson Asirvatham Study of Heat Transfer Performance of Graphene-Water Nanofluid in Miniature Loop Heat Pipe
14 Mr. Anil Raj (RR13ME002) Dr. K. Leo Dev Wins Dr. A. S. Varadarajan SInvestigation on Turning of hardened Alloy Steel (H13 hot work tool steel/ OHNS steel) with Minimal Cutting Fluid Application
15 Mr. Aldin Justin Sundararaj (RP11ME005) Dr. B.C. Pillai Ignition delay studies of semi-cryogenic/cryogenic engines
16 Mr. Samuel Ratna Kumar P.S.(RP13ME001) Dr. D.S. Robinson Smart Aluminium Metal Matrix Composite for Marine and Aerospace Applications
17 Mr. Vijin Prabhu A. (RP14ME008) Dr. Antony Raja Production of Biogas from prosopis Juliflora pods using Co-Digestion Process and its performance in CI Engine
18 Mr. Shahir V.K. Dr. C. P. Jawahar Experimental investigation on performance and emission characteristics of a common rail direct injection engine using biodiesel blends
19 Mr. Eric David Praveen (09ZB012) Dr. D.S. Robinson Smart Investigations on Wear Behaviour of LM13 – SiC and LM13 – SiC-Gr Metal Matrix Composites
20 Mrs. Kondru Gnanasundari(09ZB005) Prof. T. Michael N Kumar Dr.L.Godson Asirvatham Heat transfer characteristics of nanofluids for automotive cooling applications
21 Mr. Wilson Kumar M. (09ZB009) Dr. S. Darius Gnanaraj Dr. S.J.Vijay Design and Development of a Material Handling Trolley for Industrial Use based on the principles of Ergonomics
22 Mr. Jefferson Raja Bose B (09ZB006) Prof. T. Michael N Kumar Studies on forced convective heat transfer characteristics of Nano fluids
23 Mr. John Joshua K (RP15ME008) Dr. S.J.Vijay Study of the influence of ceramic particulates on AA7068 metal matrix composites synthesized by powder metallurgy
24 Mr. Prabu K. (RP11ME011) Dr. M. Sekar Tribological study of anti-wear lubricating oil with nano additives
25 Mr. Antony P. Pallan (RP14ME003) Dr. Antony Raja Experimental Investigation In The Generation of kitchen Waste Based Biogas And Its Use For Blectricity Generation
26 Mr. Joseph John Marshal S. (08ZB001) Prof. T. Michael N Kumar Prof. Z. Robert Kennedy Investigations on production of gaseous fuel via air gasification of de-oiled cake and derived char
27 Mr. Lijin George (RP11ME006) Dr. D.S. Robinson Smart Evaluation of Mechanical, Wear and Corrosion Resistance Properties of Aluminium 7075/TiB2/Cr2O3 Hybrid Composites
28 Mrs. Mona Sahu (RP12ME002) Dr. S. Darius Gnanaraj Ergonomic Interventions to improve the occupational health of IT employees
29 Mr. Sudhan Raj J. (RR13ME003) Dr. S. Darius Gnanaraj Experimental Investigation on the Tribological properties of Non-Asbestos Organic Brake Friction Materials
30 Mr. Kantharaj I(RP11ME007) Dr. M. Sekar Investigation on Multi-Point Cutting Tool with Heat Pipes
31Mr. VipinGopan(RP14ME001)Dr. K. Leo Dev WinsStudies on Condition Monitoring of Grinding Wheel Using Soft Computing Techniques
32Mr. Suresh M. (RP13ME006)Dr. C. P. JawaharExperimental investigations on variable compression ratio direct injection ci engine using biodiesel as fuel
33Mr. G. Lawrance (RP14ME002)Dr. P. Sam PaulInvestigations on cutting performance during boring of hardened AISI 4340 STEEL
34Mrs. Vidya Chandran (RP15ME005)Dr. M. Sekar, Dr. Sheeja Janardhanan“Studies on hydroelastic response of marine risers under vortex induced vibration”.
35Mr. Jerin Jose (RR15ME001)Dr. T.V. Christy, Dr. S.J.VijayFabrication and characterization of AI 6061 composites and foams reinforced with agricultural and industrial frugal matter.
37Mr. Jayaseelan.P (RP13ME008)Dr. T.V. ChristyExperimental studies on tooling for friction stir welding of aluminium metal matrix composites
38Mr. Rajesh Ruban S (RP13ME009)Dr. K. Leo Dev WinsSynthesis, Characterization and Machinability studies on ZrB2 and ZrC reinforced Al 6061 hybrid metal matrix composite
39Mr. Mohanasundaram S (RP14ME005)Dr. S.J.VijayInvestigations on Metallurgical Mechanical properties of AA6061-B4C surface composites produced by Friction Stir Processing and Friction Stir Surfacing
40Mr. Emerald Ninolin S (RP10ME003)Dr. K. RamachandranStudies on the Heat Transfer Characteristics of Compact Loop Heat Pipe with Nano Fluids
41Mr. James Sathya KumarDr. P. Sam PaulCharacterisation of Magnetorheological Fluid Damper for Variable Frequency Applications

Ph.D Registered