Curriculum Aspects

As a Media and Communications student, you will be given an opportunity to pursue your own interests in communications and help shape the direction of this exciting area of study.

Our degree courses are structured to provide you with the opportunity to experience a wide range of subjects. The core modules will lead you towards specialist study in the areas that are of particular interest to you, such as audiences, advertising, media policy, film, new media or media production. At the end of the courses, not only will you have an in-depth understanding of the field of communications and media research, but you will also have gained the analytical and research skills necessary for living and working in today's media-saturated world.

Media and Communication supports and encourages a variety of research interests and approaches to the study of media, communications and information technologies. There are a number of reasons why to Study Media at Karunya, and this includes the innovative, exploration-led approach we take to our Learning and Teaching in Media and Communication.

We promote and engage in multi-disciplinary research that embraces different epistemological and methodological approaches and believe that research can have value by being theoretically sound and having real-world applications.