Research Scholars


 1 A.Allwyn Sundar Raj (RR11FS001) Date of Registration: 25/07/2011 Utilization of Jackfruit (Artocarpus Interger (Thumb.)) Wastesfor the Production of Food Additives
 2 J.Prem Kumar(RR11FS002) Date of Registration: 30/01/2012 Enzyme Mediated Synthesis of Conjugated Linoleic Acid
 3 Bangalae Sagar Ramesh (RR11FS003) Date of Registration: 18/01/2012 Impact of Modified Atmospheric Packaging in Enhancing the shelf life of Table Grapes
 4 S. Reginold Jebitta(RR12FS001) Date of Registration: 30/07/2012 Process Optimization for the Production of Underutilized Jamun (Syzygium cumin) Pulp Powder and Studying its Shelf life and Packaging Qualities
 5 Rahul R Patil(RR12FS002) Date of Registration: 28/07/2012 Studies on Stabilization of Natural Pigments
6 S. Aruna (RR14FS001) Date of Registration: 10.04.2015 Bioethanol production from lignocellulosic material


 1 Nikki John Kannampilly(RP11FS002) Date of Registration: 25/07/2011 Rapid Detection of Spoilage in Processed Foods
 2 P.Hema Prabha(RP11FS004) Date of Registration: 27/01/2012 Anti – Microbial Nano Packaging of Foods for Shelf Life Extension
3 A.Reni(RP11FS005) Date of Registration: 27/01/2012 Modified Atmosphere Packaging and Refrigerated Processed Foods of Extended Durability Technology through Intelligent Packaging of Processed Vegetables
4 Shilu Leslie(RP13FS001) Date of Registration: 06/12/2013 Characterization of Bio-peptides Extracted from Fish Waste and its Food Applications

4.5 Publications

S.No. Tiltle Authors Journal Name Year & Volume
1 Stability of Rice Bran Oil in terms of oryzanol, tocopherols, tocotrienols and sterols. Afinisha Deepam L.S., Sundaresan, A., Arumughan, C., Journal of American Oil Chemists Society 2011, 88, (7), 1001-009.
2 Effect of saponification on composition of unsaponifiable matter in rice bran oil Afinisha Deepam L.S., Arumughan, C.,. Journal of Oleo Science, 2012, 61, (5), 241-247,
3 Thymine distribution in genes provides novel insight into the functional significance of the proteome of the malaria parasit Plasmodium falciparum 3D7’. Balamurugan Palanisamy Bioinformatics Discovery Note. 2013, pp.1-4
4 Quality and Shelf life assessment of Underutilized marine Gastropod pickle’ in ISSN, R. Emilin Renitta Journal of Food Processing and Preservation 2013 37, 589-595.
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9 Optimization of mass transfer parameters during osmotic dehydration of Momordica charantia slices Tiroutchelvame D, Sivakumar V, & Prakash Maran J Journal of Food Processing and Preservation 2015, DOI: 10.1111/jfpp.12600.
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11 Protective effect of Zingiber officinale Against Dalton’s Lymphoma Ascites tumour by regulating inflammatory mediator and cytokines Sundararaj Rubila, Thottiam Vasudevan Ranganathan,Kunnathur Murugesan Sakthivel Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology Springer 2016, 180 (8): 1482-1496
12 Effect of enzyme pre-treatment on extraction yield and quality of cardamom (Elettaria cardamomum maton.) volatile oil Kumaranthara Chacko Baby and Dr. T. V. Ranganathan Industrial Crops and Products 89 (2016), 200-206
13 Effect of enzyme pre-treatment on extraction yield and quality of Fresh green chilli oleoresin and its major capsaicinoids Kumaranthara Chacko Baby and Dr. T. V. Ranganathan Biocatalysis and agricultural Biotechnology 2016 (7) 95-101
14 Effect of enzyme pre-treatment on extraction yield and quality of Fennel Kumaranthara Chacko Baby and Dr. T. V. Ranganathan Biocatalysis and agricultural Biotechnology 2016 (8) 248 – 256
15 Palm biodiesel prospect in the Indonesian power sector. Dr. Gobikrishnan Environmental Technology and Innovation 7, 110-127,   2017.