Campus TV

Campus TV is an initiative taken by the students of Electronics and Media technologyin collaboration with the Computer Technology Centre. It is an intranet-based infotainment service provided for the residents of Karunya residence. Campus TV airs short films and programs done by the students during the course of their study at Karunya. It also carries tutorials, seminars and subjects of interest in short concise packages. Moreover, Campus TV covers all major University events such as KEMT, Mindkraft and Christmas mega play. It also airs programs on demand such as major sporting eventsand entertainment programs.It is to be noted here that the crew of the Campus TV comprises entirely of students.A 88 member strong crew works tirelessly to come up with concepts and meet deadlines for air-time. The staff in-charge guide them with content and ideas. The entire planning, production and streaming are all done by the students. This not only taps into their creativity, but also helps them hone theirskills and prepare themselves to meet the Media industry head-on.



AAM AADMI PARTY mobile app was developed to AAP delhi central Government for internal registration and information circulation process among their party members only. The mobile app was taken up as a consultancy project of Rs 22, 500.

Electronics and Media Technology is proud to present the first everOfficial Android App for Karunya Evangeline Memorial Tournament (KEMT) 2K15, and inter-university Sports Tournament organized by Karunya Institute of Technology and Sciences

Electronics and Media Technology is proud to present the first ever Official Android App for "Mindkraft 2014", a techno-management fest organized by the students of Karunya Institute of Technology and Sciences.

Electronics and Media Technology made the Official Android App for Karunya Institute of Technology and Sciences Admissions.The app also facilitates online expression of Interestfor the courses offered and online purchase of the Application forms.Any queries regarding Admissions can be made through one tap call facility provided in the app.